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Buy domain

Purchase the name and become the owner.

Purchase offer:

  • Branded name: Stay With Us
  • CIPC registered: NO
  • Domain name: – available for purchase
  • SARS registered: NO


Company registration agreement:

Company name including all other registrations will be authorised for transfer to the new owner once the purchase process was completed in full.

  • New company or traded company: Only new company sales offered.
  • Company traded before: No, new company registration if available on offer.
  • Transfer process: Transfer approval based on transfer request filed.
  • Registration type: New registration, never traded before.

Domain transfer agreement:

  • Domain ready for transfer: Full domain ownership transfer within 7 days. T&C applies.
  • Hosting: Client to source hosting.
  • Sale type: By owner
  • Ownership: First time owner as far as we aware of.
  • Current status: Active. Currently this domain might be used for CEO purposes.
  • Online status: Click here to see
  • Domain registration date: 2012/09/17
  • Domain currently hosted on: local South Africa
  • Domain transfer disputes: Any complaint with domain transfers can also be lodged with the third party or in breach of contract.
  • Search Engine index: Domain indexed with all known search engines.
  • Search Engine index: No domain blacklisting as far as we are aware of.



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